Agile8Studio is a complete full-stack solution provider using MEAN. We develop robust, light-weight solutions for every business needs.


We use the optimum features of MEAN Stack and its libraries to deliver the desired needs of our client. We are budget friendly developers serving our clients globally.




MEAN.JS Development Services


We use agile approach in MeanJS development and try to deliver working product as soon as possible.

We are aware of the modules in Mean Stack and have expertise in extending the functionalities.

At Agile8Studio we are harnessing the full capability of mean stack by quick development which saves time/money, eliminating the limitations of earlier open-source development technologies, and by converting naive business ideas into powerful solutions.



Node.js Backend Development Services


Node.JS developers at Agile8Studio are having expertise and due respect this is the best backend development technology at the moment. We have started with three Node.JS developer and grown up to nine in just six months because of high demand. We have a couple of certified developer who mentor the non-certified developers in achieving high quality work.



AngularJs FrontEnd Development Services


Our clients can hire AngularJS developers from us to work on their projects. It’s the 2nd most demanding frontend development framework. We have proficiency in developing web-frontend and mobile apps using Angular. Hire us today to work on your project; we have full capability of angular in customized web and module development.’


What would be cost to hire a Dedicated resource?

Pricing depends on a couple of factors like; technology, candidate’s yrs exp as well as the platform.
The monthly price starts at $1500 and goes up to $2500 for designers and developers.
Mobile developers like ReactNative starts at $2500 and go up to $3000.

How can I manage the resource remotely?

We use Skype, Phone, Slack and email to communicate with our clients and the whole team will be available at the scheduled time to update the progress.

We use most acceptable project management tools like; JIRA, Asana and Trello etc to manage the project.

How can I verify if the developer is working or not?

Time Tracker, Every resource in our team has. You will be able to see your developers work through screen-shots at your end and the best part is, it captures the screens every 10 minutes.

Along with this, you will be receiving a daily update mail followed by work progress meetings.

How it works? What kind of contract I have to sign?

Contract’s nature decided by client but we expect that client should hire a developer for a week at least to keep the process smooth.
For dedicated or part-time developers we expect minimum one-month engagement.

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