At Agile8Studio we provide cutting-edge web-design and development services across 50+ countries. Like our name; we follow Agile strictly in custom web-development services.


We always focus to develop your project’s core features then we keep integrating the rest which is best for client business and relevant to present market.




PHP Development Services


Agile8Studio is an established PHP development company serving in 50+ countries. When it comes to custom development PHP is widely accepted technology.

We at Agile8Studio follow Agile Development Methodology when we are working on a project using PHP. We follow MVC, write less codes, and proper comment to maximize the out-put and keep full scope of scalability.



CakePHP Development Services


CakePHP Framework is one of the best frameworks of PHP because it’s light-weight, and secured. We Agile8Studio have developed more than 100 web-apps using CakePHP and continuously supporting the PHP community and clients to have their website, make sure it is secured and implement new functional updates according to the changing business goals.

We have PHP certified developer who can turn your ideas into reality and adapt the standard compliances of MVC.



Hire An ANGULAR Expert Developer


We at Agile8Studio are providing Angular development and consulting services. Angular is lightweight platform which is very useful for backend development. We use Angular libraries to build elegant Backend and User-Interfaces.

Agile8Studio has MEAN stack developers who have expertise over complete JavaScript frameworks, and have experience to work on variety of projects.


What would be cost to hire a Dedicated resource?

Pricing depends on a couple of factors like; technology, candidate’s yrs exp as well as the platform.
The monthly price starts at $1500 and goes up to $2500 for designers and developers.
Mobile developers like ReactNative starts at $2500 and go up to $3000.

How can I manage the resource remotely?

We use Skype, Phone, Slack and email to communicate with our clients and the whole team will be available at the scheduled time to update the progress.

We use most acceptable project management tools like; JIRA, Asana and Trello etc to manage the project.

How can I verify if the developer is working or not?

Time Tracker, Every resource in our team has. You will be able to see your developers work through screen-shots at your end and the best part is, it captures the screens every 10 minutes.

Along with this, you will be receiving a daily update mail followed by work progress meetings

How it works? What kind of contract I have to sign?

Contract’s nature decided by client but we expect that client should hire a developer for a week at least to keep the process smooth.
For dedicated or part-time developers we expect minimum one-month engagement.

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