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Our Refund Policy at AGILE8STUDIO is based on uniform procedures that strictly adhere to industry norms.


All requests of compensation are handled with diligent criteria to insure which judgments are reasonable or mutually acceptable.All requests of compensation are handled with diligent criteria to insure which judgments are reasonable or mutually acceptable. The regulations are addressed with necessary measures to resolve different claims resulting in specific requirements assortments or different business circumstances.




The Refund Policy does not refer to the activities of entities not owned or controlled by AGILE8STUDIO  or of individuals not hired or regulated by AGILE8STUDIO, along with any third-party service and/or contract-bound software suppliers and any third-party websites connected to by AGILE8STUDIO.




Once you file a complaint at AGILE8STUDIO, we will first seek to choose an optimal solution to the problem you are experiencing. Next the case is submitted to the engineering team and then subsequently presented to the team of experts. Refund only made under exceptional circumstances where there was nothing else to fix the problem.


In the process of the preparation of the refund, we verify that the claim is sound and legitimate, and apply adverse conditions*


*Team has not yet started working on your Project


*The issues with the project are outside the scope of correction / settlement / clarification


*No Payment terms has been violated


*The reasons you have given are valid and within the scope of work, timelines, valid and realistic to qualify refund process.


*You should be able to share what’s not done although it was discussed and qualify with scope of work, timelines and able to present the idea which makes your web/app attractive.


*You have presented all the evidences to initiate the refund trial


*The refund claim cannot be from the Bank or any of the Payment Company.


*NOTE: If any of the aforementioned criteria are identified violated, the claim will be declared inadmissible. The refund decision is final and irreversible.






*Refund requests are handled, analyzed and authenticity reviewed.


*Comply with the criteria and relevant reference points.


*Finalize refunds in suitable conditions and resolve in fully or in part, if necessary.




*you need to destroy all copies of the exchanged information and communication that happened in time.


*Agreement signed




*It may take upto 7-10 business days.


*Refund will be in the same currency you have charged in


*We do not address the exchange rates, any fee you have paid or loss in this process



We may update our policy from time to time. Thus, we advise you to review this page periodically for any changes. These changes are effective immediately, after they are posted on this page. For more information on our Refund Policy, contact us at